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Due to not having created a page until now, in Feb of 2019, I don't know when I got this laptop, but it was quite likely from my recycler buddy who I buy tons of things from.

In Feb of 2019, I rediscovered this computer. It had a broken DC jack, and a bad motherboard as well. I took another L505D motherboard I had sitting around, put it in, and that fixed the computer, but alas, this board had a BIOS password!

I was able to remove the BIOS password, but then I discovered that the motherboard also has a broken L4519 component, leaving the USB ports not working, which is a common problem on this model. I'm going to go ahead and put some solder across the pads to substitute function of the inductor that was there before to make this board work once again.

Done. Now it works beautifully.

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