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I got this laptop on December 16th of 2015. It was given to me to move its data elsewhere and give that data back to its owner, and then I could keep the laptop.


  • CPU: Intel Pentium M 1.6 GHz
  • GPU: Intel 915GM
  • RAM: 1x256MB, 1x1GB DDR2
  • PSU: Dell LA90PE1-01
  • HDD: Seagate ST9100822A

Nicknames: "The Dragon Laptop", "E"

The back of the laptop, with a rather impressive decal of a red dragon.
The laptop, open.
We've got a rather impressive decal here, with stuck dirt stuck so that it looks like the dragon on the decal is breathing it out. Believe me, that dirtiness is gonna go.

The Windows key on the keyboard, upside-down.
Now here's something funny you may have noticed if you were looking closely enough at the second picture in this article: the Windows key on the keyboard is upside-down. That's funny. Pulling it off reveals tape on its underside, looped to imitate double-stick tape, and, sure enough, this was done presumably because the dome for this key is missing.

A Blue Screen of Death.
Well, looks like this Windows installation isn't gonna work. Safe mode doesn't work either, so I proceeded to attempt PXE-booting the laptop. Since my bootable utilities wouldn't work for some reason, I chose to boot a Windows 8.1 installation environment, and opening a command prompt via Shift+F10. This let me view the files on the hard drive.

In order to see roughly how much data I'd need to transfer, I downloaded Disk Usage, a command-line program to calculate, you guessed it, disk usage. It was taking too long to calculate the entire user folder, so I checked the music folder's size, as the owner said there was a lot of music on it, and it came up to nearly 20GB. At this kind of size, I knew transferring to a USB flash drive was going to require a serious drive, but I later realized that I might as well just slap the HDD in the appropriate type of enclosure, and give that to the owner. That plan's done, so it's time to move on.

The back of the laptop, now clean.
Well, I told ya that dirt wasn't gonna last.

The area under the laptop's keyboard, with the laptop's fan partially visible under the silver plastic casing.
Taking the keyboard off, we're met with the fan, and while it doesn't look too bad here, taking a can of compressed air to the laptop blew out quite a bit of dust.

The laptop works well from what I've seen so far, but one thing I find funny about it is that the fan is rather noisy; it's always spinning at an easily-audible speed at the least, never shutting the fan off. Perhaps i8kfangui could help, once I've got an operating system

On February 14th, I tossed Windows Vista, which flunked, then XP on this laptop, and, indeed, i8kfangui makes the fan wonderfully quiet. This is a good-running, quiet, and merely warm laptop. I rearranged the various parts of the keyboard to make the Caps Lock and Right Ctrl keys the "bad" ones, rather than the highly-useful Windows key and Left Shift.

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