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I got this laptop somewhere around late November/early December of 2017. It had a dead motherboard and wouldn't turn on, nor would it show any LEDs whatsoever.

Later, I purchased a Gateway MX6214 from eBay for $34.99 for parts. It has a working motherboard and everything. But why? It's a different model! Well, here's the trick: the MT6705 and MX6214 are based on the same Gateway MA3 chassis. Lots of people mistake the chassis model number for the computer model number, so I took advantage of this, and bought another MA3-based laptop with said trick.

I received it on December 16th of 2017. Sure enough, the one I ordered works.

Unfortunately, at least with the BIOS it has right now, I can't run the MT's CPU in the MX, so that means I'm probably stuck with the crummy Celeron M. Oh well. I'll try a BIOS upgrade later.

I proceeded to take the palmrest and screen assembly of my dead MT, and threw it onto my MX. The palmrest on the MT is nicer, it has "aircraft-grade aluminum", and I could see that the screen on my MX was getting aged, so I'm going to try the as-is screen of my dead MT to see if it's any better.

I noticed that, despite the chassis numbers being the same, I couldn't install the MT's palmrest into the MX. Thankfully, it was simply because the speakers were different, which were blocking the palmrest from going in. Moving the speakers over solved this issue.

Sure enough, the MT's screen is better. Upcoming is the BIOS flash...alright, we're going from BIOS version 77.05 to 77.09. It's flashing as I type this.

Alright, the BIOS flash was successful. The computer boots up just fine. Now, to try the Pentium Dual-Core in there again...nope, no dice. Still doesn't boot. Oh well. It's probably a crummy chipset issue, rather than an outdated BIOS.

Unfortunately, this means I either have to risk trying to sell it with Windows 7 or settle with putting XP on it.

This computer fell from a shelf about four feet high onto hard, concrete floor, which broke the screen. I wound up replacing the screen as well as upgrading the motherboard from another Gateway laptop which supports Core Duo. Thank goodness.

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