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  • Mobo: Quanta 30A4
  • CPU: AMD Turion ML-34
  • GPU: ATI Xpress 200M
  • PSU: Whatever compatible one I can find
  • HDD: Toshiba MK1234GAX 120GB PATA 5400RPM w/8MB Cache


  • The USB 2.0 and ExpressCard functionality are both dead.
  • The front power LED doesn't work, while the power button's LED does.
  • All laptops of this model develop rust on their speakers, including this one.

This laptop was originally purchased brand-new in 2006, not by me, although I had purchased my HP dv8000 because of this laptop.

It saw some use, and, oddly enough, its Seagate ST9100822A hard drive had to be replaced by HP, with a Toshiba MK1234GAX, I can only guess the Seagate was reporting SMART errors.

It eventually finally was adopted as a secondary machine, again not by me, in 2008 or 2009. During this timeframe, it was rudely met with a generic power adapter, which eventually smoked, presumably killing the USB functionality in this laptop, since I don't know what else would've done it. Purchasing a USB ExpressCard adapter revealed that the ExpressCard slot, too, was killed. Purchasing a USB CardBus adapter, thankfully, did work.

In late 2010, this laptop was replaced with a cheap Toshiba C655, returning it to laying around once more. The laptop saw hardly any use during this timeframe.

In 2011, the laptop was misplaced. For so long, I thought of that laptop, wondering where it had gone. I missed its rattling CPU fan and soothing hard drive motor.

Finally, in late 2013 or early 2014, when I was thinking about the laptop once more, moments after, the laptop was discovered sitting inside of a bag. Firing it up showed that it hadn't been powered up since 2011. The USB ports were still shot, unsurprisingly, but at least the laptop was still on this planet, after all. Essentially, the laptop was mine at this point, since nobody else needed it.

I've considered replacing the motherboard before, but it's never happened as of March of 2016, the time that I am writing all of this.

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