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I got this computer from a recycler on December 11th of 2017.

On December 12th, I opened it up and saw that all the hardware was intact. Someone had unplugged the IDE cables from the motherboard, but that was about it.

I then proceeded to connect the power and tried to turn on the computer. Unfortunately, it wouldn't boot at all. I suspected the power supply was at fault. I tried the POWER_GOOD trick for the heck of it, and I got nowhere.

For the heck of it, I spun -- or, tried to spin -- the power supply fan, and it barely even moved when I pushed hard. Man, that thing's seized!

So I threw another power supply at the computer, and it still wouldn't turn on. I noticed more wattage being drawn than with the other power supply, though, so that was a good sign. Lo and behold, someone had wired the reset button as the power button, so I tried that...and blam, the computer powered on!

Here's the logo I saw.
Here's the logo I saw.

CISNET? What even is this computer?

Next, I plugged in the hard drive. It boots! It boots to Windows XP, no less. But I discovered earlier that the CPU fan was almost seized as bad as the PSU fan. I better get that CPU fan working, the CPU's running hot and the computer's got barely any way to ventilate the heat, as the CPU fan takes turns spinning, growling, and stalling. It wasn't spinning at all, at first.

[fixme: put pics here when OneDrive stops sucking]

Well, unfortunately, the CPU fan is of the type that cannot be lubricated.

However, I'm not the kind to give up easily, as you can see here. Lo and behold, the fan is now spinning as it should!

Also, I found out what model the motherboard is. It's a K8VGA-M revision 1.0. I thought it was very mysterious at first, but what's funny is, I saw the Biostar logo on the board at first, then forgot about it and deemed the board as some sort of strange, unbranded creation, and then I saw the Biostar logo again. Clearly, CISNET must have flashed a custom logo to the board.

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