The History Lesson §

It's about time I write about this one thing that's been going on. Remember Firefox, the web browser?


Alright, well, maybe it'll help if I link to their website?

Oh...that browser that more-or-less became irrelevant several years ago? Ah, yes!

Precisely! It really is a shame, isn't it? It's like AMD vs. Intel; once upon a time, there was a reason to pick a specific company's products. Now, years have passed, and one of them is stumbling so bad, about the only valid reason you'd have choosing an AMD FX processor, would be if you need the absolute most multi-threaded performance for the dollar or something.

Oh, wait a minute, it looks like I might've been pretending that the "cores" marketing wasn't a flat-out lie. Never mind, then, for there is no valid reason to choose AMD these days.

Now, let's apply this to Firefox; there once was a time that, basically, the only two well-known web browsers were Internet Explorer, which "everyone" hates, yet still uses, and Firefox. Firefox was at least touted to be safer and faster, it was far more extensible, and, lastly, it was what the cool people used.

Well, in 2008, Google, of all companies, actually made a web browser. Today, this may not seem so strange, but back then, Google was known for GMail, Google Earth, and so on, so fourth. "Google? Making a web browser? Hah! What's next, Microsoft making toasters?"

Through innovation, Google's new web browser caught on a lot. It chewed into Firefox's well-established user base, and on one day, several years later, even I, once a huge advocate of Firefox, caved in, and switched to Chrome in March of 2014.

Why I Switched §

Why did I switch, though?

I switched because I discovered Chrome started a good bit faster than Firefox. I was quite choosy with the speed of things, so I saw this as a good reason to switch over. I made myself comfy with Chrome, transferring my stuff over, finding the addons I liked, and that was it for Firefox.

Looking back now, believe me when I say that I don't want to go back. I have all of the functionality I care about in Chrome, all without the lack of speed with Firefox.

However, something about Firefox changed not too long after I had switched...something very bad happened to Firefox.

When Firefox Became a Rip-off §

This very bad thing actually started in mid-late 2011, but had reached a new level. What is it?

Firefox was, slowly, but surely, becoming...a Chrome rip-off.

It might sound ridiculous, but sometimes, the truth is ridiculous. Firefox was dropping their old versioning scheme, in favor of a new one. Naturally, this had to be one like Chrome's.

What looks so insignificant was actually the weather forecast for an upcoming tornado; the tornado that was about to destroy just about every meaningful reason to use Firefox, akin to what Intel's Core 2 series did to AMD.

It was on April 29th of 2014 when this tornado finally struck.

That tornado was known as Firefox 29.

Cue the Myst theme, right here for your convenience:

It was a disaster.

So many reasons lost their lives that day, and the people who were once fans of Firefox could only remember when they once lived, and now they are never to be seen again...

...unless Mozilla feels like fixing their mistake.

Oh, wait, nope, the damage is done already.

Much later, not very long after I had switched to Chrome, I discovered that Firefox had been updated with a new theme!

The new Firefox theme.
(Not my picture.)

This theme is known as "Australis", and, if you ask me, it might as well be called "CCC", which stands for, not "Catalyst Control Center", but "Cheap Chrome Copy". Now, you might be wondering, what the heck is my problem with this theme? Am I just mad because it resembles Chrome's?

Well, not really. That isn't the point.

My problem with this, is that it basically ruined the point of using the browser. If I want Chrome, I'll use Chrome, not some cheap rip-off. It's not even a good attempt at a rip-off. I want to say, it's like they simply wanted to imitate Chrome, without actually copying any of the actual good features of Chrome's that actually make it worthwhile.

Besides, if Mozilla wanted to make Firefox worthwhile, they'd be sticking to what they had before; a solid choice of a browser with its own qualities.


It's just a garbage bin. A laughably bad, incomplete imitation of Chrome, with barely a reason in sight to use it instead of Chrome.

Welcome to 2015 2016, even your favorite software has become trash now!

But there are even more things wrong with Firefox.

Even More Flops §

Remember how I said they omit the good things Chrome has? You actually have to scroll through your tabs on Firefox if there are too many! I guess they're trying to add something else to make it even more painful than it already is, to have many Firefox tabs open. How come I don't have to scroll through tabs on Chrome?

Additionally, they have this bad smooth scrolling. Eugh, why? Why not go for something more like Chrome has? Oh, but alas; Firefox is a joke of a Chrome rip-off, so there's no good reason to actually add any good features, now, is there?

Oh, but there actually is a good feature that was added...but here's the catch: it's not good for you, it's good for advertisers!


Advertisements showing in the Firefox web browser.

Yes, seriously! It's like as if adware is packaged with your browser now.

With all of that said, I think it's high-time that we give up on Firefox, in favor of something better. My suggestions are Chrome for any reasonably-fast computer, and K-Meleon for older computers, since it is lighter than Chrome is on hardware requirements.

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