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Original Article Date: < March 4th, 2015

It was March 27th, 2014. I found a PowerColor Radeon HD 7850 2GB on NewEgg for a very good price of about $135 after a $30 rebate. My sister had been wanting a new video card, so it was purchased. It arrived, I installed it, and all was good.

Well, for a while. We noticed it ran very, very hot in games. Running MSI Kombustor or the like would cause its temperatures to skyrocket. We didn't know why, but I felt that it may have unfortunately been that PowerColor's cooler was simply not as good as my Sapphire's, even though the cooler looked just about as effective. I figured that it'd probably be worth re-pasting the card. I didn't know whether or not I could do this without voiding the warranty, although they generally cannot tell as long as you're careful, provided that they haven't snuck in any secret "warranty void if damaged" stickers. So, we emailed their support department, asking if it would void the warranty re-pasting the card.

Several days passed, and not a single response was seen. We decided to phone their support line, and they continued to be unresponsive, but it was probably close to closing time, anyway, as it was almost 7:30 PM.

After some yakking around, I decided that I would go on to re-pasting the card with, admittedly because I can be somewhat impatient at times. I went and gently unscrewed the cooler, and, presto, what did I see?

Plain and simple, I saw the problem; the card had no thermal paste whatsoever. How on Earth did this pass their quality assurance process, assuming they even have one? Of course, assuming any company has one nowadays is probably a long stretch, especially coming from me of all people.

Nevertheless, I plopped on some Arctic MX-4, spread it with my finger (because totally professional methods work best), put the cooler back on, and installed it back in the appropriate computer. Rather predictably, it did all the magic that was needed. Hopefully, that's the end of any and all troubles with this card.

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