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About Me and My Website §

Hello! I am Joseph "racecar56/Sonic56" S., and I love computers, '70s to early 2000s rock and new wave music, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite fictional character of all time.
Sonic the Hedgehog is my favorite fictional character of all time.

And his '99 theme is my favorite song of all time. My second favorite song of all time would have to be "I Remember You" by Skid Row. Power ballads are awesome.

Anyway, the purpose of this website is to store and share my experiences (Horror Stories & Strange Incidents) throughout my ventures so that others might learn from them, as well as to show my Collections, particularly my computers.

Not to be forgotten are also the Articles that I write: Rants are where I point out objective flaws in many things, which are also written in favor of educating others, Projects are a few of the various projects that I do.

The History of This Website §

I've had a few websites before, but here's the beginning of this website: in early 2014, armed with my trusty Latitude C840, I set off to write a website about my experiences, in favor of sharing them with others. This was done with hardly anything more than text editors, Google searches, web browsers, determination, and patience. Being a fan of writing website code properly since 2009 (see The Problems of Webpage Design), I carefully wrote my PHP, HTML, & CSS code to validate in W3's validation utility.

Since then, the website has evolved, with many new articles appearing since it started. Today, Proper Wiki makes the task a lot easier for me.

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